Looking for more eggs in FarmVille 2, Now you can buile new Hen House to get more eggs, also you can win exclusive chicken. In this case there are 6 parts of missions series but the Hen-House also is a worthwhile investment even after this time limit has passed.
A Firm Foundation

  • Place the Hen House
  • Finish Building the Hen House
  • Feed 10 Chickens

The Hen House can be placed from the pop-up window that you will receive upon logging into the game. From there, you will need to collect 8 Wood Planks, 8 Hammers and 8 Bird Nests to finish its construction. You can get these items by asking your friends to send them to you. You can also purchase them with Farm Bucks if you don’t want to wait.

After you’ve gathered these building materials, you’ll also need to have four friends come and work as building staff to actually finish the Hen House once and for all.

In order to use the Hen House after it’s been built, you’ll need to have at least three adult chickens on your farm that aren’t “prized.” That is, they must still be at a level where they require regular Animal Feed drops. Once you have fulfilled that requirement, you can collect from the Hen House once every 24 hours.

Each time you harvest the Hen House, you’ll have a chance to receive one of four types of eggs: Regular, Uncommon Exotic, Rare Exotic and Ultra Rare Exotic Eggs. The more adult chickens you have, the better your chances of receiving an Exotic Egg. For every adult chicken (again, that’s not prized) you have on your farm, you’ll also receive regular chicken eggs as a guarantee.

Thankfully, the first time you harvest your Hen House, you’re guaranteed to receive an Exotic Egg. These eggs work to complete a collection in the game, requiring two uncommon, two rare and one ultra rare eggs to complete. Once you finish that collection, Walter will come back to your farm and will give you a free Polish Silver Laced Chicken as a reward.

Remember, there are five more quests to complete in this Hen House series, and you have only got a week from this writing to actually finish them all off. Good luck!

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