We already updated you yesterday about the countdown that zynga all set to launch in ChefVille also for some of us player it has been already launced in the spring in our restaurant. We already have the information that the 1st day you must unlock carambola well, we’ll reveal the full details of all the ingredients to unlock. All other details for other days are following.


12 day chefville

Day 1: 5
Day 2:
5 rhubarb shining
Day 3:
5 eggs exquisite
Day 4:
7 pink peppercorns
Day 5:
7 bananas beautiful
Day 6:
7 raspberries rich
Day 7:
9 racks of lamb
Day 8:
9 aromatic arugula
Day 9:
9 cherry darling
Day 10:
10 kiwis huge
Day 11:
10 grapes curious
Day 12:
10 jackfruit jovial

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