Mission Japan has arrived in Chefville. Japan is back. Now we have to make more super original Japanese recipes. This time you will not goign to make sushi but other special Japanese recipe. Here we have sneak preview of the 1st pane as you can see below in the picture. As well as you can read full mission details and special new rewards wait for you.

japan chefville

Onigiri traditional

This festival is linked to the Japanese tradition of hanami, which is to appreciate the beauty of flowers. The beauty of onigiri is equally generous.

  1. Place and finish your post onigiri
  2. Prepare 4 chicken onigiri
  3. 4 times maintain your sugar silo for sugar
Rewards are: 10 XP 1 20 parts salt

First flowers

Start with the simple things, a young chef: a onigiri nature. You must first know the basics in order to master the skill.

  1. Collect 8 branches of cherry blossoms

Happy onigiri

A cute onigiri onigiri is happy, he brings a touch of delight to the season of cherry blossoms and brings a smile on the faces of customers.

  1. Improve your position onigiri
  2. Serve two onigiri Nature
  3. Give Chef’s Service 7 Onigiri with Chicken
Rewards are: 20 XP 30 pieces 4 wild mushrooms

Music in mouth

  1. Have 8 music mochi Uses 
  2. Serve three Caesar salads
Rewards are: 40 XP + 1 50 pieces decoration

A touch of Japan

Retrieves Japanese costumes to show your dedication to my culture and serve your customers politely. The ways of the utmost importance, a young chef.

  1. Collect 8 Japanese costumes
  2. Prepare 4 onigiri cute chicken
  3. 8 serve clients in person
Rewards are: 20 XP 3 30 pieces salmon

Onigiri Cart

I would never in a basket of sushi, but it is a further difference between sushi and onigiri. Get baskets

  1. Japanese have 8 baskets Uses 
  2. Serve three beautiful salmon onigiri
  3. Serve 2 salads from the garden
Rewards are: 3 thyme free 40 XP + 50 Coins

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