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Rare Bonus for ChefVille

by Armaani - on Nov 30th 2013 -

Many of us think that ChefVille is getting bore day by day that is true and the reason behind it Zynga is not release any new gift that is required us for example Thyme, Cash and many other items including salt. So this is big reason people have started to leave playing it. Zynga must thing about it and start releasing gifts and bonuses...

Free Goat Cheese ChefVille

by Armaani - on Nov 29th 2013 -
Cheese ChefVille

Cheese is most required item in chefville as we have to use it in many recipes. With it we can’t cook many recipes. Zynga is now re;easing some gifts to make chefville active again but people need more otherwise they are leaving this game already. No collect cheese by click on the following image and enjoy the game.   Click...

2 Rutabagas ChefVille

by Armaani - on Nov 29th 2013 -
Rutabagas chefville

It would be nice if Zynga would actually give us what they are telling us that we are going to get. Righ Now we have got Two rutabagas and 2 goat cheese,  so no cash. We also need salt and free cash so that we can move ahead. How much cash you have left in chefville account that is Zero. Meanwhile you can collect these wo rutabagas...

2 Magical Dressing & Fabled Powder – ChefVille Game

by Armaani - on Nov 16th 2013 -
2 fabled powder chefville

2 Magical Dressing Free Now Click on the image to collect this. ...

Gift for Mission Popcorn – ChefVille Game

by Armaani - on Sep 26th 2013 -
pop corn

We know that people need more neighbors. We have so many boxes to open also and also upgrades on equipment that we cannot complete without neighbors. We play daily until it crashes on us then we go on to something else and we come back to it. I do check the envelope for requests and make sure I complete that when the game crashes. There...

New Statue to Cook Fast – ChefVille Game

by Armaani - on Sep 19th 2013 -
cook fast chefville

how can we finish quests on the same day when we have to cook them on the same thing,& some take hours to cook one thing. its impossible either give more time or don’t put a time limit on it. we do have a life as well you know zynga. This game is a job and we are getting to the point that we don’t care if we play it or...

ChefVille – Get extra recommendation

by Armaani - on Aug 16th 2013 -
chefville recommendation

Do you need more recommendations in chefville now we have found new novelties that will enable you to get extra recommendation while playing chefville. we will show you all the images now. You will be happy to see exclusive pictures of the latest novelties. Now you will expand your restaurants easily and without any difficulties. Also...

Game ChefVille Free Energy Bonus

by Armaani - on Aug 15th 2013 -
1 energy chefville

Nowadays in chefville we are lack of many items including salt, expansion, chef cash so we need this items so that we can move ahead in chefville. Do you need more energy to do your tasks in ChefVille. Yes here we have energy for you that will help you to work continuously in your kitchen and restaurants  So enjoy chefville game...

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