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Game FarmVille 2: Winter Countryside Limited Edition Stuff

by Armaani - on Jan 13th 2014 -
countryside itms

Here is the full details of winter countryside limited edition stuff, as winter is going on and we love to go countryside because of its beautiful views and roads and hills covered with snow giving awesome view. As we have manage to grab all the details of this limited editions items. Also Most of us will find these very expansive and...

6 FarmVille 2 Expansion Arriving

by Armaani - on Jan 13th 2014 -
expansion fv2

Everyone need new expansion and we are waiting since long time as we do not have any more land left in our farms and we need to get it as soon as possible to place many things in it. Now the news is as you can see in following picture. You will be getting 5 land expansion arriving soon in Farmville 2 Game. Each expansion you have to finish...

Free Water Bonus FarmVille 2 Game

by Armaani - on Jan 13th 2014 -
water fv2

Watering crops and farms is essential as it help to grow them quicker and then we will sell it in marketplace, it is like energy for your crops and without it you can not move ahead or complete missions. Keep in mind that your water stock is full so that you can use water whenever you need it.  So for those who have less water remaining...

Game FarmVille 2 Free Bonus

by Armaani - on Jan 9th 2014 -

Now get gift/bonus by walter. This gift is valid for 2, or 3 hours and you have to collect it quickly and without any delay. Definitely do not forget to join our Facebook page to not miss the next future bonuses. This free bonus should help you move forward in your mission to help the pig out of the meadow good Cornelius. Do not wait...

20 Pack Bonus Water – Farmville 2 Game

by Armaani - on Jan 8th 2014 -
2 Water 10 Packs fv2

Everyone need water to grow crops, trees, fruits faster and we are here to help you collect water on daily bases and here we have managed 20 packs of water for you. Also there is news that Zynga has introduced, the Medallion Board to train Baby Sheep to unlock Flower Fence Sets from Walter. Once We get all 4 Sets to unlock an exclusive...

Game FarmVille 2: 1 Water 10 Pack

by Armaani - on Jan 7th 2014 -
1 water 10 packs

Guys after free unlimited water day this is special water gift released for all farmers and players. Also we are hoping for another unlimited free water day from zynga. Also many farmers and players demanding that there should be one farm buck day so we all should get free farm cash as many things in the games are still very expansive...

Baby Bottles, Fuel, Power, Feed Packs & Speed Grow

by Armaani - on Jan 7th 2014 -
farmville 2 gift pack

Yesterday night you have ready about the Babies Sheep & Nursery Home for them & We already showed you all the details about how to build the nursery for baby sheep and how to collect all the material we need to build it. As farmville 2 is going ahead and more levels are coming up and we need more power, feed, Fuel, Fertilizers,...

Game FarmVille 2 – Get All These Rewards Free

by Armaani - on Jan 6th 2014 -
farmville 2 free rewards

This week’s announcement once again busy in missions! And we will soon Tuesday night or Wednesday morning to build a nursery for sheep! With the nursery we can not only raise sheep produce babies at the age adults bonus materials but we will also be able to win many other awards To discover how to build nurseries must click Here To...

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